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Project Feature: Nexus on Grand

Nexus on Grand is a 5 story, 150,000 square foot purpose-built lab and office building complete with grab-and-go cafe, state of the art fitness center, and a multi-use courtyard. The life sciences building includes flexible infrastructures to accommodate a variety of lab, R&D, and office uses. Prominently located on East Grand Avenue in the heart of South San Francisco, Nexus on Grand features state-of-the-art laboratory and office space and a first-class amenities center to include a café, fitness center, and several indoor and outdoor meeting areas within its entry plaza.

Also included in GMC Cx’s commissioning scope was a tenant improvement in the Nexus on Grand building by Myriad Genetics. The new Myriad facility is named the “Walter Gilbert Research and Innovation Center” in recognition of Dr. Gilbert’s pioneering scientific work in precision medicine. The new lab incorporates advanced robotics, data analytics and instrumentation customized to process clinical samples and deliver timely results.

GMC Commissioning provided LEED Enhanced commissioning services for the Nexus Core and Shell. Completed scope includes the OPR, Design Reviews, Commissioning Specifications, Submittal Reviews, Controls Coordination, Pre-Functional and Functional Performance Test Development, Site Inspections and execution of the Pre-Functional Checklists, Functional Performance Test, and Integrated Systems Test.

GMC Cx leveraged SkySpark analytics software for automated functional performance testing, fault detection and diagnostics (FDD), and BMS trend data analysis. By integrating SkySpark we provided 100% testing of all HVAC and control systems. The powerful historical trend data analysis also allowed us to prove persistent, stable operation and building performance, not just at a single point in time.

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