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Existing Building Cx

Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) is a systematic process for planning, assessing, investigating, analyzing, improving, optimizing and verifying the performance of building systems and assemblies.

Commercial buildings account for almost half of the total energy use and consume one billion gallons of fresh water a day in the United States.  Over time, even well commissioned buildings lose their efficiency.  Re-commissioning, Retro-commissioning, ongoing commissioning and continuous commissioning  are a crucial step in maintaining and reducing the energy consumption of the building.  


It takes a team with diverse and specialized backgrounds to conduct successful existing buildings studies.  We are experts in  facilities operation and management, systems integration, and building automation.  We bring technical expertise and tailored solutions to meet the needs of your facility.

Where We Work

  • Mission Critical Data Centers

  • Telecommunications

  • Laboratories

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Manufacturing

  • Healthcare & OSHPD

  • Hospitality & Gaming

  • Office – Low and High Rise

  • Mixed-Use Facilities

  • High-rise Residential

  • Institutional

  • Government Facilities


  • Retro-Commissioning

  • Re-Commissioning

  • Energy Audits

  • Site Assessments

  • Due Diligence

  • Continuous Commissioning

Systems We Commission

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical / Emergency Power

  • Low Voltage

  • Lighting and Lighting Controls

  • Plumbing

  • Process and Utilities

  • Controls & Automation

  • Building Enclosures and Assemblies

  • Renewable Energy and Water


  • Operational Reviews

  • Updated O&Ms

  • DOE Audits

  • ASHRAE Level 1 Audit

  • ASHRAE Level 2 Audit

  • ASHRAE Level 3 Audit

  • M&V

  • LCCA

  • End of Life Estimates

  • Repair/Replace Analysis

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monitoring based commissioning

The MBCx process has been shown to reduce energy waste by 30%. The benefits of MBCx include transparency, increased energy efficiency and more precise operation by ensuring the building meets or exceeds its planned utility consumption. 

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