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Monitoring Based Commissioning

Why Skyspark by GMC Commissioning?

Many of the largest companies in the world build their business’ on Data.  We believe building data is highly underutilized, and with SkySpark we can uncover the value of your buildings data.  SkySpark has been proven to provide an average financial payback of less than one year, while increasing occupancy comfort, and system safety and reliability.  Get in touch today to see what SkySpark can do for your organization.

What is SkySpark?

Not all MBCx programs are built the same.  Some providers use the Building Management System (BMS), or old school spreadsheets to “monitor” and assess your building operations.  At GMC Commissioning, we have spent years customizing a software system which becomes the brain for your building – SkySpark Analytics.

SkySpark is an advanced building analytics systems which is used to monitor, analyze, and optimize facility systems and operations.  SkySpark is a cloud-based software solution which can integrate to multiple building, systems, and types of equipment.  Using Haystacks semantic tagging schema, SkySpark normalizes your buildings data by standardizing naming conventions across different control systems and equipment types – allowing you to maximize your building data.  SkySpark’s built-in and fully customizable applications provide the most advanced data analysis available in the market, advancing your buildings smart technology.

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What is monitoring-based commissioning?

The monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) process has been shown to reduce facility operating expenses by ~7% annually.  Additional benefits of MBCx include increased indoor air quality, safer and more reliable systems, and increased energy efficiency.  MBCx programs collect and analyze building data to provide ongoing analytics and suggestions for improving system and equipment operation.



new construction commissioning

New Construction Commissioning is the proactive, systematic quality assurance process of verifying facilities meet and exceed owner requirements.  

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