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new construction commissioning

New Construction Commissioning is the proactive, systematic quality assurance process of verifying facilities meet and exceed owner requirements.  


existing building commissioning

Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) is a systematic process for planning, assessing, investigating, analyzing, improving, optimizing and verifying the performance of building systems and assemblies.

lab service

GMC Commissioning offers professional lab certification services to support our clients through every phase of their development. From fume hood certifications to controlled environment testing and certification let our expert team put you back in control of your controlled environments.


specialty services

As a value add to our core commissioning services, we provide enhanced testing and certifications including IR Scanning, Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx) and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing.


commissioning management

Many general contractors struggle to find qualified experts in these fields and may not have the workload to support full-time employees.  Our Commissioning Managers work directly for the Contractor or Construction Manager to assist with MEP quality and coordination.  

monitoring based commissioning

The MBCx process has been shown to reduce energy waste by 30%. The benefits of MBCx include transparency, increased energy efficiency and more precise operation by ensuring the building meets or exceeds its planned utility consumption. 

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