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  • Alex Mathers

How much is your time worth?

Many building owners are concerned with upfront costs and schedule, but most don’t take into account the potential time saved after the project is complete.  

Owners expect fully operational buildings at turnover. However, even the best projects can have underlying issues. Problems with building equipment and systems that are found during operation and occupancy are ultimately the responsibility of the owner. The time required to resolve these issues can be significant, not to mention the reduced productivity, disruption of occupants, or even increased energy costs.

Commissioning is about saving money, sure. As National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) has stated, “Owners can achieve saving of $4 over the first five years of operation as a direct result of every $1 invested in commissioning.” This comes from energy savings, but energy costs represent only a small portion of expenditures for most buildings (about 1% of total annual expenditures for an office building). Beyond just dollars and cents what is the value of commissioning?

There is significant value to taking the time testing, identifying, and resolving issues prior to occupancy. Saving money short term can waste time long term. Bad quality is expensive. Testing time impacts the owner's move-in schedule, but the potential time lost due to issue resolution after occupancy is significant.

Save your time, get what you expect, get quality. 

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