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USD Knauss Center



Project Overview

The Knauss Center for Business Education renovation project was monumental for the current and future students of University of San Diego (USD). This 120,000 SF expansion allows students to cultivate in the learning and innovation opportunities USD campaigns for. Situated at the center of USD’s campus, the prime location enables students to utilize the exciting new amenities. With features like the Busch Family Production Studio, The Nexus Theater, and the Data Analytics Lab, this building acts as a hub for nearly all of business student needs. Ultimately fostering collaboration, the 120,000 SF complex was crafted for the future business minds of America.

The Knauss Center design is almost three times larger than the previous School of Business, which allows students and faculty to operate in one location. Not only does the complex have exciting amenities to support the classroom requirements, but also has numerous classrooms itself.

GMC Commissioning agents provided MEP coordination support. It is the MEP coordinator’s job to ensure that the project team (controls, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc.) is maintaining constant communication to accomplish the projected schedule. To help meet project schedule, GMC Commissioning pre-tested with the controls contractor, prior to the commissioning agent coming on site. It is helpful to the controls contractor to have assistance going through the required SOO as they complete their internal checks, such as point to point verification. This also allows minor issues to be adjusted earlier, such as graphics adjustments or hyperlinks in the BMS. Through proactive scheduling and consistent communication, our dedicated team of two were able to support University of San Diego’s internal team in delivering this innovative facility. It was a privilege to take part in such a renovation for one of the most notable business schools in the U.S.

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