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The Value of Quality

Poor quality affects cost, reliability, efficiency, and reputations. Under performing systems critically impact your business continuity.

In today's 24/7 world, employees and customers expect high performance. When systems are inaccessible, whether because of a small failure or an outage, the cost to your company's productivity and credibility take a huge hit.

Beyond the damage to your company's image and productivity are the financial effects. Both direct and indirect costs ultimately mean that every disruption has the potential to land a blow to your bottom line.

Twenty cents of every dollar of revenue in manufacturing is lost to poor quality. Thirty cents of every revenue dollar in service is lost to poor quality. Seventy cents in healthcare, and even more in institutions.

The value of commissioning is the value of quality. Schedule and cost impacts are major risks to project success. However, design and construction quality issues that are identified during operation and occupancy are significant and the responsibility of the owner.

Commissioning adds value by limiting the risk of poor quality while keeping the project under budget and on schedule.

Quality is a known, and proven, contributor to improved and sustainable performance. Quality assurance is important and an essential strategy for performance excellence, competitiveness, growth, sustainability, survival, efficiency, effectiveness. Quality assurance providers responsibilities are to test and ensure that the final product meets customer needs and expectations.

Commissioning value comes from improved quality resulting in capital and operational cost reduction and increased productivity. It has been well documented that owners save $4 as a direct result of every $1 invested in commissioning. Building commissioning provides tangible and quantifiable benefits to building developers/owners, occupants, construction and design teams.

From a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) study: “Commissioning is...a risk-management strategy that should be integral to any systematic approach to garnering energy savings or emissions reductions. Commissioning ensures that building owners get what they pay for when constructing or retrofitting buildings, it provides insurance for policymakers and program managers that their initiatives actually meet targets, and it detects and corrects problems that would eventually surface as far more costly maintenance or safety issues.”

The value of quality comes from increased profits, reduced waste and increased productivity. There is significant value to taking the time testing, identifying, and resolving issues prior to occupancy. Bad quality is expensive. Testing time impacts the owner's move-in schedule, but the potential time lost due to issue resolution after occupancy is significant.

Save your time, save your money, get what you expect, get quality.

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