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Project Feature: FDA Irvine

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Irvine project included the renovation of mechanical and building automation system for 150,000 SF of laboratory spaces within an existing facility.

Irvine FDA Offices are branch locations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a major regulatory agency within the Department of Health and Human Services in Irvine, CA. The FDA regulates a vast range of food and drug related products in order to protect Irvine public health. The regulation of food is intended to ensure the safety of the Irvine food supply. The regulation of drugs and medical products is intended to ensure their safety, efficacy, and security. The FDA also regulates tobacco products, cosmetics, and electronic products that emit radiation. In addition to regulatory efforts that protect public health, the FDA works to spur innovations that can increase food safety and make medicines and medical devices safer and more effective.

As a consolidated facility, the laboratory is multi-functional with respect to FDA activates, including administration functions, such as investigation and compliance activates, and laboratory testing and analytical services. The facility encompasses a Food Chemistry Branch, Drug Chemistry Section, Pesticide Branch Microbiology Branch and Biochemistry section for its testing and analytical services. In addition, the FDA in cooperation with University of California, Irvine, may utilize portions or functions of the laboratory for educational purposes.

GMC Commissioning provided Title 24 and owner driven commissioning services for this multi-phase project within the occupied and operating building. The project scope included new air handling units, variable volume laboratory air valves, reheat coils, fume hoods, electrical distribution, and controls systems. Project challenges included maintaining critical room pressure cascades for containment purposes, and executing commissioning tests during a swing shift without effecting other areas of the building which are conducting active science.

GMC Cx’s depth of knowledge in laboratory environments, completeness and effectiveness of our commissioning strategy allowed us to accomplish the phasing, constructability and commissioning plan for the FDA Irvine project. Our experienced and qualified staff ensured quality from the start and guaranteed a smooth turnover.

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