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San Diego, CA

Value Provided

GMC Commissioning's technical value was brought to the project through in-depth expertise.  Our ability to communicate effectively, appropriately address relevant issues, and provide creative troubleshooting suggestions allowed the project to stay on budget and schedule.

Project Overview

Acquiring this Wateridge property was a developmental extension for BioMed Realty. With a presence already located in Wateridge Business Park, they purchased these properties for tenants to have the ability to further the future of science. This area of San Diego is particularly appealing due to the vast on-site parking, proximity to major highways, and its central San Diego location. BioMed Realty is a highly accredited leader in providing real estate solutions to the life


sciences and technology industry. They have over 16 million square feet in the most prevalent life science markets across the United States including, but not limited to, Boston, San Francisco, and San Diego.


The Wateridge project consisted of the renovation of two buildings. With tenant improvement and shell warm up projects comes the replacement of much of the existing equipment and other building facets. Some of the improvements included new chillers, new rooftop units, and new MEP systems.


Although there were some setbacks, GMCCx found the solutions. When one of the mechanical systems (supply air valves) were not working per SOO and not meeting setpoints, our Commissioning Agents worked diligently with the team to explain the issues occurring, search for the root cause of the issue, while in return provide recommendations for a solution. 


GMC Commissioning is proud to have a helping hand in yet another successful life sciences project in the San Diego area. In total, GMCCx provided full commissioning of all systems on this project including HVAC, BMS, Electrical Distribution, Lighting Controls, Integrated Systems Test, and Domestic Cold/Hot Water Systems.

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