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Vector Laboratories



Project Overview

Vector Laboratories has been a pioneer in the scientific industry worldwide for over 45 years. They have been and continue to be the market leader in immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, glycobiology, and bioconjugation products. They were the first to commercialize avidin-biotin enzyme complex kits for immunohistochemistry and antifade mounting media for immunofluorescence. Since this commercialization, Vector has since introduced over 600 reliable reagents and kits.

Due to procurement issues on some critical panel pieces for the environmental rooms, the team, including GMC Commissioning, came up with creative solutions to utilize the majority of the space, while providing flexibility for final panel component installation in the environmental room enclosures, cGMP Commissioning protocol execution, and successfully leveraging these documents into validation.

Vector’s product manufacturing facility was originally located in Burlingame, California, but due to additional space and various production needs this project called for relocation to Newark, California. The existing space was previously being utilized as an office, manufacturing, and served as a warehouse. For this Tenant Improvement, the space will continue to be used for the existing purposes with the addition of environmental cold rooms as well as more office and laboratory spaces, allowing for continued research and manufacturing.

GMC Commissioning provided full commissioning of all systems on this project including, but not limited to, cGMP Environmental Rooms, cGMP lab utilities including RODI and gasses, Fume Hoods, HVAC, BMS, Electrical Distribution, Lighting Controls, and Domestic Cold/Hot Water Systems. With a team of four commissioning professionals, GMC Cx was able to support the variety of complex systems required for a mixed-use building to operate successfully.

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