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Callan Ridge


Project Overview

The Callan Redevelopment Project is a 150,000 SF new build. This new development includes two three-story over basement scientific research buildings. This project was an exciting addition to the 20+ acre Torrey Pines Science Park, which almost doubles the current leasable area by replacing an outdated 90,000 square foot building. The project achieved LEED Gold which allowed the building to also become qualified by the City of San Diego as a Sustainable building. The buildings feature integrated PV panels in the trellis along with a green roof viewing deck with both coastal and canyon views. The additional roof will remain available for future PV. Ultimately, the green roof helps reduce the campus’ heat island effect, attracts pollinators, and provides a scenic outdoor space for tenants. In addition to the solar panels and green roof, the building also leverages dynamic glass, which automatically tints windows to control sunlight and heat throughout the day. These amenities did not go unseen, as Callan Ridge was voted to win the People's Choice Orchid Award!


GMC Commissioning scope included Title 24 Commissioning and LEED Enhanced Commissioning of the  Plumbing, HVAC & Controls, Electrical, Solar PV and Irrigation systems. Our team created the OPR, and performed design reviews, submittal reviews, controls coordination along with testing and turnover.  Specific systems included Domestic Cold & Hot Water Systems, Industrial Cold & Hot Water systems, HVAC, BMS & Controls, Electrical Distribution, Electrical Metering Systems, Landscape Irrigation & Controls, and more. During the commissioning process Over 150 notable items, observations and issues were identified, coordinated, resolved, and closed. GMC Cx was thrilled to be a part of another successful Life Sciences project in the Torrey Pines Science Park.

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