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Building design, construction and operation is unlike any other industry. The products we create are one of a kind. There are no prototypes. Every design is from scratch, each construction project is distinct, and all facilities operate differently.

Buildings are large, complex, permanent, and visible CapEx investments. One can be designed and built quickly in a year or two; however, once developed, buildings have the potential for significant OpEx costs due to the energy use of the systems installed. There are numerous agents who can verify these systems operate to their standards, but we want to know your standards.

As an owner who wishes to develop their real estate portfolio, knowing what you need, and getting what you want, is crucial. Having these requirements defined and documented, ready for the fast-paced schedules is critical. Employing a knowledgeable agent to commission and verify your finished building complies with your requirements is essential. Being able to calibrate the finished product to your initial requirements saves time, money and energy.

The commissioning agent’s (CxA) role in the design and construction industry is underutilized and undervalued. We believe in creating a fundamental shift to the status-quo through teaching, innovation, and leveraging technology. We believe in elevating the role of the CxA to that of a managing owner’s representative.

We want to preserve time, money and energy by challenging the status quo of building system design, construction and operation with positive improvements in existing methods. GMC (Gilbert, Mathers, and Conway) Commissioning believes the current process of building construction project delivery does not allow for the effective transfer of the owners’ pre-existing and project specific requirements through design to the end product. Owners are not being provided a product that meets the goals of the stakeholders and project executives. Owners project expectation and requirements are lost during every hand-off or transition.

We believe in effectively and completely capturing the Owner or Client’s development requirements and using those requirements as an essential part of our calibrated commissioning process. We want you to not only comply with legally mandated energy codes, but be able to showcase your sustainability goals while shortening schedules and saving budgets.

Commissioning has a positive impact to the planet by reducing carbon emissions in the commercial building market. Commercial buildings account for a large amount of the total carbon emissions in the world, at around 40% in the United States alone. Commissioning and energy auditing can provide less than 2-year payback on initial investment. Commissioning is a valuable service that can provide instant impact through increasing building performance, reducing operating expenses, and optimizing preventative maintenance strategies.

We believe the CxA is essential in providing the framework for lifecycle delivery and transferring expectations from project inception to throughout the life of the building.

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