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Data Center

Data Center

los angeles, CA

Value Provided

GMC Commissioning's technical value was brought to the project through in-depth expertise.  Our ability to communicate effectively, appropriately address relevant issues, and provide creative troubleshooting suggestions allowed the project to stay on budget and schedule.

Project Overview

GMC Commissioning’s team provided commissioning services for a 4000-ton Chilled Water Plant retrofit project at a live data center complex in Los Angeles, CA.  This project included replacement of chillers, cooling towers, pumps and controls.  The chilled water system provides cooling to nearly 1M SF of data center and support spaces.

Systems Commissioned

  • (4) 1000 Ton Water-cooled Chillers

  • (6) Open Circuit Cooling Towers

  • Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Pumping

  • Building Automation System

  • Chiller Optimization Package

  • Energy Dashboard

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