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Project Feature: Riverside County Library System

Library usage is skyrocketing, but many public libraries find themselves in the position of defending and justifying their funding and continued existence to their stakeholders. Many public libraries seek to prove their worth to their community through the use of measurements and metrics. These measures demonstrate quantifiable contributions and different understandings of the concept of value as part of showing a contribution.

The value that libraries bring to communities cannot be overstated. The Riverside County Library System worked through a public-private partnership with incredible partners including Omni West Real Estate, CFP Riverside, McCarthy Building Companies, and Cannon Design. Through this partnership, they were able to build three new modern libraries without taxpayer assistance. CFP Riverside will become proprietor of the three buildings upon completion; after they're ready for occupancy, CFP will lease the properties back to the county. The proceeds from the rentals, paid out of the county budget, will amortize the bonds.

The new libraries are modern, aviation-themed, 15,000-25,000 square-foot single-story buildings with high-demand amenities. These amenities include private study rooms, meeting rooms, opportunity rooms, adult and teen spaces, a children's library, a family reading area, technology stations, and a community room.

Our expertise in LEED and MEP systems allowed us to save the project team cost and schedule time. GMC Cx was able to assist with the development of the OPR and provided early-stage design reviews with valuable feedback. Each library had its own unique challenges including delays in permanent power. GMC Cx was able to work with the GC, startup and TAB teams to temporarily power the buildings and keep the project on schedule. These projects are more great examples of how early commissioning involvement results in a quality product.

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