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Our goal is to elevate our responsibilities to an Owner's Agent as Operational Architects.  An Operational Architect works hand-in-hand with your facility engineers, maintenance, operators, scientists, engineers, and occupants to analyze, plan, design, review, test and monitor the operations of a facility for improved performance.


Owner's on-staff licensed engineers and commissioning professionals are rare.  Working as an Owners Agent means providing services as if GMC Cx were a full time and dedicated employee of the Owner.  GMC Cx can provide engineering knowledge for the complete life cycle of a building, not just at the time of design.

We specialize in defining project requirements, and ensuring those requirements are met from concept through operation.

OPR Creation &

Management Service

The Owner's Project Requirements (OPR) is a document created by the Owner or Owner’s Agent during the planning phase which details the design, construction, testing and turnover of a project.

The OPR must be created before the Basis of Design (BOD) by the A/E team.  The BOD responds to the OPR and outlines any owner's requirement which cannot be met.  The OPR/BOD is the first handshake between the Owner and A/E team and provides clarity in intent on both sides before putting pen to paper.

GMC Cx has years of experience defining user and operators requirements in an organized engineering language.  Our low fee, no strings attached service provides our template and knowledge and our management of the whole OPR process compliant with Energy Codes, ASHRAE standards and LEED.


 The OPR is the first step towards a successful Calibrated Commissioning project. 



  • Owners Project Requirements (OPR)

  • Current Facilities Requirements (CFR)

  • Standard Design Specifications

  • Design Guidelines

  • RFP/RFQ Development

  • Pre-Project MEP Consulting

  • Smart Building Consulting

  • Measurement and Verification (M&V)


  • Registered Professional Engineers

  • Professional Commissioning Agents

  • Certified Energy Managers

  • LEED Accredited Professionals

  • Construction Documents Technology