Pacira biosciences CHW PLant

san Diego, ca

Value Provided

GMC Commissioning's expertise in complex and integrated central plant systems as well as an acute focus on mission-critical, business continuity provided the owner with the assurance of maintaining operations during the complex testing process.  GMC Cx drove collaboration with the team by pulling together facilities operations, controls and contractors to ensure a joint effort.


Project Overview

Retrofit of 600 ton water-cooled chiller plant serving live manufacturing space.  Project includes replacement of (3) chillers, (3) cooling towers, conversion  chilled water pumps to variable primary and implementation of Siemens Demand Flow control for Central Plant Optimization. GMC Cx provided design phase and construction phase commissioning.


Systems Commissioned

  • Mechanical

    • (3) 200Ton Water-cooled Chillers

    • (3) Open Loop Cooling Towers

    • (6) CHW and CW Pumps

    • (1) Process Heat Exchanger

  • Building Automation System including Central Plant Optimization

  • Refrigerant Detection and Ventilation System