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Get what you expect - Get quality


Many people resist or even ignore planning because of perceived schedule or budget pressure, but  planning allows us to work smarter, not harder. Making a plan is like using GPS to route us from Point A to Point B. Once you decide your destination or goal, you can plan appropriate steps to get there, setting intermediate milestones along the way to gauge yourself.


Commissioning is a systematic quality control process which should start in the planning phase.  Calibrated Commissioning (R) is a unique commissioning method by which GMC Commissioning captures and manages the operational requirements and intent of the owner from the start. 


To ensure project quality, we create a detailed Owner's Project Requirements (OPR) document and Calibrate our Commissioning design review, testing and turnover to the OPR's defined standards.

The final OPR document is provided as a Current Facility Requirement (CFR) to be used for both operation, lesson's learned, and planning for the next project.